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Sushi Themed Scene Creator. Designed by creatives for creatives. Flat Lay Scene Creator. Customise Your Own Scene and Elegant Mock-Ups with these movable objects.

The all-new Sushi scene creator pack contains 22 movable png transparent objects that can be used as an add on to just about any other scene creator.

Use it to create your own unique mockups, social media posts, branding boards, blog posts, website banners, digital scrapbooks and so much more!

Create multiple designs in just seconds. Just drag and drop any item, move, rotate, and scale them as you want.

Move the items around, create headers, slides for your homepage or stunning posts for your blog or social media accounts.

∞ Key Features ∞

22 Isolated PNG objects with transparent backgrounds
1 Photoshop PSD files containing all the moveable elements
All elements are organised on its own layer and in its own folder
High-Resolution Imaginary
Realistic Shadows
User-Friendly Smart Objects

∞ Description ∞

All elements have been professionally photographed or curated and carefully isolated from their backgrounds down to the finest detail. You will receive a PNG version of each item, as well as one Photoshop PSD file containing all of the items.

Many of the items included in this pack come with realistic shadows that you can toggle ON or OFF. And since each shadow is on its own layer and named accordingly, you will be able to further adjust the opacity of each shadow and adapt them to your design.

∞ Add On Packs ∞

All of our packs have been designed to work with one another. Instead of purchasing an entire pack, you can opt for purchasing mini packs that include a set of themed PNG cut-outs, or opt for any of our background and shadow add on packs.

The great thing about these is that they can work with just about any scene creator so you can have fun mixing and matching.

∞ The Download File ∞

Due to a limitation in the size of file uploads, after purchase, you will receive a PDF file containing the link to my Google Drive for an instant download of the files.

You will download this pack in a compressed file (zip). Make sure you can unzip the files before purchase.

Upon purchase and payment, you will receive a download link to your Etsy registered email.

Because the delivery is made instantly, refunds are not available. Your purchase constitutes an agreement to these terms.

∞ Terms of Use ∞

Purchasing gives you a non-exclusive limited use license. If you have questions about the license please contact me.

**You can:**

- Use it for display purposes. Can not be resold, shared, or altered in any way to be sold.

- Create your own backgrounds to show your commercial projects in your shop or share it on social media for promotional purposes.

- Crop the image, overlay it with text or your product design, but not edit or manipulate the image in any other way.

- You can combine the elements of the different sets that I have for sale. All the elements of my sets are compatible.

**You cannot:**

- Claim as your own designs. Kzara Visual Concepts / 51 Countries and Counting remains the sole, exclusive owner and holder of the copyright.

- The product may not be re-distributed in any way. You cannot resell as a part of your products, lease, license, sub-license to any third party, share the files or give away for free.
- It may not be distributed as a tool, templates, stock item or as part of a bundle in its original form or with changes.

Software Required
Purchaser is responsible for having a basic knowledge of Photoshop in order to work with the PSD files that are included.

If you do not have photoshop you will be able to use the isolated PNGs files as well as the background JPEG files with other editing programs like CANVA.

In order to unzip the files you would need any decompressor software installed on your computer to unzip the .zip files

If you have any problem, I will do my best to solve it!
Thank you!

Copyright © Kzara Visual Concepts / 51 Countries and Counting / All Rights Reserved.

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